Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A year later

Yeah, I've been horrible at updating this thing over the past year, but a lot has happened.  Sure, Lisa and I went to Las Vegas for her 30th bday last March, and also went to California in October for my nephew's first birthday, but that was about it.  In between the two trips, on April 22nd to be exact, my mother was diagnosed w. small cell carcinoma, a very aggressive and deceptive type of cancer.  It was discovered in her lungs, her bones, and her spine.  Her doctors came up w. the best course of action, and began to treat it as well as they could.  

We had a fantastic summer, enjoying all the family time that we could, as we usually do, and tried not to think about mom's condition.  We all carpe'd the diem since we didnt know what the next day would hold.

However, despite the phenomenal results of the first round of chemo (everything w. the exception of a few infected cells around her heart was eradicated), the cancer came back, and the second round wasnt effective at all.  In the past 30 years, there has been no additional progress made on the treatment of SCC; these two chemos were it.  Eventually, we all had to accept the terrible news we were hoping to avoid: mom was terminal, and it was just a matter of time.   

Long story short, she was discharged from the hospital in late October, and sent home.  Surrounded by the love of myself, Lisa, my two brothers, my dad, my sister in law, my nephew, and all my aunts and uncles, she peacefully passed away at 5:33am on November 10.  It goes w.o saying that this was a very difficult period of time for all of us.  I was able to have a very good talk w. mom before she slipped into eternal rest, and it helped me tremendously to be able to cope w. what was going to happen.  I didnt leave anything on the table, and for that, I will forever be grateful.  When mom passed, my attention immediately turned to my dad, and how he was going to move on.  

Three months later, we have all picked up the pieces, but not a day goes by where I dont think about her, or miss her like hell.  She was an incredibly strong and courageous woman, and I hope that I can be half the man to Lisa that my dad was to my mom for the 35 years they were together.  What he did for her, especially over the last seven months of her life, was nothing short of extraordinary.  

Before I get too choked up, it's time to switch topics.  What in the name of HELL is going on w. this weather this 'winter'?  We've had a grand total of 7" of snow when at this point last year, we were buried under nearly 4' and it was still coming down.  As I take a look around not only my yard  (which is crying for greenery), but at work, I see crocuses coming up and trees budding.  For real!?  It's February 15!  However, I'm not going to complain because it's seed starting season!  I picked up some celery seed at the garden center this past weekend, and will be placing my Johnny's and Burpee order's this weekend!  It's green thumb time!!!! :-D

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