Monday, April 11, 2011

Captain, we have liftoff!

So, this proves it CAN be done!  After the debacle tomato seed undertaking, I cleaned house, sent the surplus to Amy, and made room for the two pumpkin varieties I got from Johnny's.  As you can tell, we're in business....  

The ones on the right are Racer.  People w. eyesight much better than mine may also be able to detect some germination on the left.  The front 4 cells are L'il Keeper cantaloupes from Totally Tomato, and in the back are the Moonshine pumpkins.  Those are the white ones from Johnny's.  We're off to the races!  

Outside has it's share of activity as well.  On the way back from babysitting my nephew in CT, the missus and I decided to stop of at the Farmers's Daughter in Millbury for our first foray into a garden center for plants this season.  Here's the bounty

Both packs of lettuce, although labelled differently, were both clearly romaine.  Nonetheless, four of them have homes already

As do two of the broccoli:

Feels good to finally be out from under the snow, and on to the growing season!  I'm sure these chives feel the same way

That's a wrap on the first week.  We've been waiting all winter for this weather!!!!!!!!

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