Saturday, March 17, 2012

In like February, out like....... June!?

As the first day of spring approaches on Tuesday, we're reminded that absolutely anything goes in the month of March in New England

We really should thank Mother Nature that she wasnt on the rag for the most part this winter, but this is nuckin futs....  trees are budding, flowers are poking up through the soil, and it's March 17.   For real???  I am never going to complain about the warm weather coming early in the season (this winter lover is tired of it by mid to late February), but it makes me wonder what kind of summer we're in store for.  As much as I can tolerate the cold weather, I have the opposite intolerance for heat and humidity.  The way we're headed right now, it looks like we're going to find out sooner rather than later........


Unlike the weather, these beauties  below are right on schedule.  Celery seedlings through three and a half weeks

Celery is tough enough to grow as an already established plant, but from seed, it's even tougher, and it starts w. the challenge of just trying to get it to germinate in under 17-21 days.  These came up in just 13.  A week and a half later, trained eyes may be able to detect the first set of true leaves emerging on the center most group.  It CAN be done!

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